GRC: Governance, Risk & Compliance

Protecting organizations and their assets with confidence

Once focused on a handful of industries, regulatory compliance now impacts virtually every organization. RiskMgr helps monitor and respond to privacy and data issues as well as audit, human resources, legal and contractual requirements.


What Is a GRC Tool? Do You Need One?

Acronyms are everywhere, yet “GRC” is one that every organization should know. Governance, Risk and Compliance is a strategy for managing an organization’s overall governance, enterprise risk management and ensuring compliance with industry-specific requirements.

  • Governance ensures that the organization’s business activities align with the overall corporate strategy.
  • Risk stands for having a comprehensive risk management program.
  • Compliance means that the organization’s activities measure up to the applicable laws and regulations for their industry.

GRC aligns activities to business goals while managing risk effectively and staying on top of compliance guidelines. All organizations need a system to protect their business efforts, improve collaborative decision-making and ensure legal and regulatory compliance. GRC is no longer just a “big company” thing: all companies benefit from having a strategy to protect themselves and their corporate assets.

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